Technical Information



Chevy 59 Story:

To buy an old american car, this decision happened probably 25 years ago when I was a little boy (about 5). It must have been these wonderful scripts I have seen on these trunks of these fat and large american cars. These words like Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and so on they where just like music in my ears. All these wonderful taillights with there beautiful bezels and the large and heavy chrome bumpers, I was always fascinated when Iíve seen one on the road while driving around with my parents.

I think the decision to buy such an old american car was made even before I knew it!

Well it took another 20 years till I finally bought one. I really didnít knew a lot about these American cars. I just wanted to own one with wings. So I found a car in a magazine about one hour to drive from my place. I phoned the owner and made an appointment to see the car. It was a 1959 Chevrolet Belk-Air with 115í000km (71í500 miles). It was love at first sight. The car was grey and it was 4 door Sedan, but I really didnít cared about the color , because in my mind I already had the vision to restore it and to change the color, so I decided to buy it. That was in 1995.

But at this time I had no money left to restore the car, so I had to drive my chevy for the next 5 years the way it was.In that period I made a 12í000km (7í500miles) I wasnít really sure what color would be the best for a 4 door Sedan, so I painted the car by myself in red with a white roof (by spaying). That way I saw that red does not really fit for my taste, so I decided to paint it in white. So now my big vision could start.

The frame off restoration (august 2000- july 2002)

Just a few weeks after I purchased the car I found on the inside of a hubcap an address of a man living 10 min away from my place. I thought this address could not be actual any more, so I didnít paid much attention. But just for fun, a 5 years later during the restoration I searched by name on local telephone CD-ROM, and I was really surprised that this man was still living on the same place, so I called him. I told him that I am the new owner of his old chevy and so I asked him to tell me something about the car. This old man now told me the full story about the car, because he was the first owner. He used the car as a daily driver from 1959 to 1983. Then he kept the car in his garage for another 12 years till he sold it in 1995 to the person from which I purchased it in in the same year. Finally I asked him how many km the car had when he sold it. He told me that he has driven the car for about 215í000km (133í500miles) between 1959 and 1983.

This were a 100í000km (62í000miles) more than the salesman told me, but now I know the hole story of my chevy 59.

227í000km 141í000miles






Technical Information:



L-6 235cui.

135hp @ 4000rpm

compression ratio 8.25:1

maximum torque 217ft/lbs 2000-2400rpm

idle speed


no oil filter

three-speed manual transmission




Bel-Air 4 door sedan


air conditioning


front discbrakes